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Wiring Checks

Outdated electrics can be dangerous for your household. Simple signs that indicate the use of obsolete electrics include rubber coated wires, traditional light switches and sockets, old-fashioned fuse boxes having dark brown boards and fuses (domino style).

West London Electrical conducts regular Electrical Wiring Checks to determine the condition and age of the wiring. We test out the fuse box, light fittings, sockets and switches and highlight points for remedial action based on our analysis of the electrics.

It is highly recommended that owners of old properties perform regular Electrical Wiring Checks from a safety perspective. If you have you been living in a house for more than 20 years, it may be time to upgrade your electrics. West London Electrical help identify unsafe fittings or wiring in your home and provide quick electrical solutions.

Most modern homes use reversed connections for electrics that may pose problems for a home-owner. Reversing connections on polarized plugs and outlets causes non-polarization, defeating the safety aspect of a circuit. In polarized outlets and plugs, there are two slots, one is a neutral slot which is bonded to the grounding system of the electrics and the other slot is the hot connection. For instance if the slots are reversed, it causes the neutral slot to act as the hot connection posing a potential safety issue.

Safety Checks must be conducted by reliable and qualified electricians who have expert knowledge and have registered themselves under NECEIC Part P Regulations. We offer services such as safety checks and certifications of electrical installations, adequate lighting and socket arrangements, safety of electrical appliances, checking fuse box and switches, producing safety notices, labelling and other relevant documentation, and conform to legislative requirements of sockets and plugs.

Landlords are governed by different regulations such as “The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985”, “The Consumer Protection Act 1987”, “The Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Regulations 1989“, “The General Product Safety Regulations 1994”, “The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994” “The Plugs and Sockets (Safety) Regulations 1994” and “The Housing Act 2004”. These rules may affect them directly and the breach of such regulations can result in severe penalties.

West London Electrical performs all sorts of Electrical Wiring Checks at your home or business premises and stays in compliance with all the current safety rules. Our goal is to offer a service which is not only contemporary but focuses on safety.

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