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Light Switch Repairs & Replacements

Pay attention to the humble light switch – it could make a big difference to your comfort. Light switches regulate the flow of electrical power to almost everything from light bulbs and fans to electric sockets where you can plug in electrical devices. By paying attention to the humble light switch, we can avoid many inconvenient malfunctioning incidents.

We often take the conveniences of electrical power for granted. It’s only when we don’t have light or the comfortable breeze of the fan that we realize how dependent we are on them. You can tell if you need light switch repairs if you pay attention every time you turn them on or off in your London home or office. If you notice the absence of the crisp, smooth feel that you get when you operate a switch, then you know it is time to call your friendly electrician at West London Electrical for a light switch repair or replacement.

West London Electrical offers prompt and professional electrical services from repair to replacement of all kinds of light switches in the West London area. So whether you have an office in Mayfair or you live in Marylebone or Maida Vale, you can always rely on West London Electrical to provide you with the electrical switch repairs you need.

Switches come in many (types) shapes and sizes and it helps if you inform your electrician before he visits what type you need. The basic and common type is the ‘single pole switch’ which as the name implies performs a single on or off function. (for a light bulb, a ceiling fan or any other electrical device). The ‘double pole switch’ on the other hand controls the operation of two such as a bathroom extractor and a light. Then there are ‘dimmer’ and ‘timer’ switches which allow you to control the brightness of a light bulb. They are slightly more expensive but worth it because they offer convenient features.

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