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Fuseboard & Consumer Unit Repairs & Replacements

The consumer unit (or fuse board) is the heart of the electrical powered system in your property; it manages and provides power and security to the building. Many modern consumer models integrate technically advanced safety gadgets such as:

* RCD’s – for security against power shock

* Circuit breakers (CB’s) – for the security of the cables

Circuit breakers are ranked in amperes (A). They secure the cables and protect them from the vast amounts of current which flow through them, which would cause fire if they get too hot. If you have an old fuse board, it may potentially be a risk, especially with so many appliances connected.

What is the difference between a consumer unit and a fuse board?

Fuse board is the old name for what is now known as a consumer unit. They are fixed with MCB’s, a type of switch that trips or switches off when extreme current moves through the product. They can also be fixed with RCD’s and RCBO’s, gadgets that can trip if someone receives an electrical shock.

A new consumer unit will bring your house up to current electrical safety requirements. They are also easy to use. If a fuse blows, you can still change the fuse cable. If the MCB blows on the new panel, you just switch it back on. If your fuse board is brownish in colour, wood made or has an assortment of fuses, it is more than likely pre 1970’s and will need to be changed.

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